Shadows from Within

Follow the journey of a new beginning



Welcome to Thalassador


A story of time before our time.

    A story of the life of the creatures living on the planet called Thalassador. Co-existing, thriving and evolving into a new time. A time created by the miracle invention called – boats.
The world no longer consisted of five worlds, but one. All creatures living together. In harmony.

But what is harmony? And for who?

“All good things must come to an end”

                                  – Siana Leenaal (1272 – 97 b.e)

    The world erupted into fire and chaos. No place on Thalassador was safe from destruction. Either we fled from the lava and earthquakes, or we fled from the raging humans. According to their logic it was everyones fault but theirs.

Why did they have to break apart the world? We had finally come together as one…

–  Iknas Entkla from the Western Forest (3 a.e.)


Out of despair and chaos the world eventually calmed down and a new world emerged. Divided into smaller lands the remaining species lived on separately. As the ages went on by some species became myths while others thought to be the only survivors after The Eruptions.



The true story of what happened right before the world was shaken by earthquakes and thousands of volcano eruptions is unknown. What is known is that whatever happened, changed everything. Some will claim to know the true story others will claim that nothing existed at all before The Eruptions. Even though not all humans will admit it – they are not alone in the world. In the windy cold mountains – elves reside and in the warm rainforests – different creatures of the Forest people flourish. Humans remain over the biggest part of Thalassador, variations of the human species; warlocks, demons, assassins and mountaineers was hunted away and have their own corners in the world.

Even though they all live separately they have one thing in common; The Shadows. It might sound strange and silly, and most people in this world believe so as well. But the threat of moving shadows is increasing by each day.


From all stories that are told about The Eruptions one thing keep them all together. The fault of the planet’s destruction lies with the warlocks. It’s only logic they say. Nothing but magic could ruin the world that fast and that hard. In the middle of the world’s equator is the remains of the gigantic volcano that changed the very foundation of all continents. The volcano stretches wide as a country and have several flat countries around it. The change did not only happen above land. An enormous whirlpool deep down in the earth’s magmatic mantel was created and continually causes small earthquakes as the continents are pulled closer together.


Five thousand five hundred and twenty two years After the Eruption. All continents are connected one way or another and the story begins here.


5522 a.e.


Chapter 1 -7