Kapitel 6 – Theodore Shadowstone – Behind the mask

Kapitel 6

Theodore Shadowstone

Behind the mask

   Theodore put a hand to his throat as Elthana ran away on the rooftops. It had been a gamble to put away his needle before she took away her daggers. If her mind hadn’t been so much on her blood mother she might have sliced his throat before and left him there to be found by the birds next day.

   He looked at his fingers, no blood, good she hadn’t cut through the skin. The figure of Elthana’s body disappeared down on the lower houses. Theodore shivered when he thought of how angry he’d felt when he thought a white mask had killed the red haired woman. He was scared to not know if he was angry that someone had killed her before him, or that someone had actually killed her. What scared him even more was how relieved he’d felt when he understood that it was Elthana behind that very well done copy of the white mask. He had wanted to take of the mask, not sure of the reason why. Maybe to make sure she still resembled the long dead Blood Queen. The only statue in the hall of death that had colored hair. Blood red. Elthana’s hair was a little brighter than the statues.

   Why was he thinking about Elthana’s hair? He should change clothes and go after her. If the other white masks were dead he would finally kill her and take a piece of her hair back as proof to The Gathering of her death.
   He glanced once at the lonely bag Elthana had dropped on the roof before he jumped down the roof to get ready.






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